When Is it Time to File for a Protection Order?

It’s not all that uncommon to be annoyed or irritated by someone else’s behavior. To deal with the issue, we may ask someone to stop what they’re doing, or we might simply walk away. However, sometimes the behavior crosses a line, and you have to protect yourself. Washington state law offers several ways to get that protection. You just need to know when it is time to file for a protection order.

A Knowing and Willful Course of Action

Someone could accidentally alarm you, maybe by getting too close, calling too many times, or asking too many questions.

However, you may be able to request an anti-harassment protection order when the other person knows you want them to stop. Also, if the person harassing you has no legitimate purpose of contacting you, their behavior may be a good foundation for an anti-harassment protection order.

Other People Fear for You

Sometimes our friends and family members see behavior in a more objective light. For example, you might think your boyfriend is a little possessive, but your friends see the isolation and bruises.

When the people close to you see a problem, step back and try to see what they do. You may realize that you need to get away. You may need to discuss your situation with an attorney. Maybe a domestic violence protection order or stalking protection order will help.

Law Enforcement Warns You

Have the police gotten involved in any incidents involving you and someone who has hurt you? If so, they may suggest an extreme risk protection order. Law enforcement, or someone who is living with or related to the respondent, might file this type of protection order. The reasoning behind this protection order is that the respondent (the harasser) may cause an injury to self or to another person if in control of a firearm.

You Notice Changes in Behavior

Maybe you’re having fun with a girlfriend or boyfriend, but things start happening that alarm you. Perhaps a work colleague becomes a friend. Then he or she begins to call frequently, demanding to know your plans, who you will be with, and where you will be. Then the sudden, late-night visits begin. At first you try to excuse the behavior as if it’s no big deal. However, things escalate, threats are made against you, and you begin to fear the person you used to call friend.

A stalking protection order might be appropriate in a situation where another person intentionally harasses you and repeatedly follows you. If someone you know suddenly behaves in a way that makes you afraid, talk to an attorney about filing for a stalking protection order.

A Civil Protection Order May Provide the Relief You Need

If you feel threatened by another person’s behavior, or have already become a victim, call Sarah Cho to discuss your options. After listening to the facts of your case, she can let you know the best course of action to take.

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