So I Like to Drive Fast…

Driving fast around town. Got busted by the cops. Guess what? 84 mph ticket dismissed! Hire her. Just do it.


Best Attorney Around Hands Down !!

Attorney Sarah Cho is amazing, She has represent my boys on many cases from all kinds of traffic tickets to possession of CBS, also she represented me for accidentally bringing a firearm in to a controlled area.

I am happy to report she got all the cases dismissed (even the more serious charge of jail time got dismissed). She works hard and knows how to win. She’s is so knowledgeable and works with the facts. And she’s very well respected in the court arena.

You won’t be disappointed hiring her. Take my word for it. Excellent criminal attorney Sarah Cho.


Resolution of the Year!

Sarah helped me with a very difficult situation. She was able to work with the prosecutor to get my case reduced to the point that the judge hearing the case said that this was the “resolution of the year”. Sarah fought hard for me. I will definitely call her if I need an attorney again. I highly recommend Sarah Cho as your choice for an attorney if you want results that are in your favor.

Thank you, Sarah, for taking a huge weight off my shoulders!


Incredible Outcome!

You won’t find a better DUI lawyer in the state. Sarah went above and beyond, exhausted every possible option to get me the best possible outcome.

In my particular situation, Sarah was able to get a ruling that was unprecedented. She is thorough, punctual, thoughtful and a constant professional. She will take the time to talk to you as a person, where others see you as just another case.

I feel so fortunate that Sarah Cho was my attorney. I have no doubt that if I would have been represented by someone else, the outcome would have been far worse. If you are in trouble for a DUI, know that hiring Sarah Cho means you have gotten yourself the best possible defense.


Your Best Choice is Sarah

I am extremely pleased with Sarah’s work. Sarah was handling my DUI case which got closed today and I could not be happier with the results. She made the entire process much easier then. Sarah handled all the communication/follow-ups, she was always available to answer questions. I never had to worry about anything. She is results-driven.

Thanks to Sarah my license is not gonna be suspended and I am not going to have a DUI on my record. I would definitely recommend Sarah to all my friends.


Seatbelt Violation

I received a seatbelt violation while driving in Vancouver WA. First ever violation for this and didn’t know what options I had. I looked online for some advice and came across Sarah who handles these types of situations.

Honestly, she was very helpful and gave me some valuable information that saved me money. She even recommended that her services would be more expensive than paying off the ticket. My main concerns were that it would make my insurance rates go higher but she told me that it wouldn’t be reported to the insurance. She also recommended me to go ahead and must contest the hearing and explain to the judge why I had it off, which there could be a good possibility that the ticket could be reduced also possible deferral program may be available.

She gave me a free consultation and if I ever have any other issues with traffic violations I’ll make sure to contact Sarah. Thank you again!


Fast Legal Advice

Fast Legal AdviceI am extremely pleased with Sarah’s work. She handled my DUI case and I could not be happier with the results. She made the entire process much easier. She handled all the communication and follow-ups and was always available to answer questions. I never had to worry about anything. She is results-driven. Thanks to her my license is not going to be suspended and I am not going to have a DUI on my record. I would definitely recommend Sarah to all my friends.


Multiple Cases Won

I called Sarah Cho when I learned of a criminal warrant out for my arrest. I had a vacation planned and needed help immediately. Sarah got me all the information I needed right away. She negotiated my “7” felonies down to misdemeanors without jail time. I highly recommend Sarah.


Resolution Of The Year

Sarah helped me with a very difficult situation. She was able to work with the prosecutor to get my case reduced to the point that the judge hearing the case said that this was the “resolution of the year.” She fought hard for me. I will definitely call her if I need an attorney again. I highly recommend her as your choice for an attorney if you want results that are in your favor. Thank you, Sarah, for taking a huge weight off my shoulders!


Surprisingly Good Outcome

I contacted Sarah based on the reviews she had but was hesitant and unsure of her abilities to resolve my traffic case due to my prior driving record. Fortunately, all of those fears were unfounded as she was able to secure a surprisingly favorable outcome which I wasn’t sure was even possible!

On top of the fantastic result she produced, Sarah was very easy to work with. I highly recommend Sarah Cho as a lawyer.

Thank you, Sarah!


DUI Client

I loved having Sarah’s help throughout my DUI case! She got so many of my penalties and fines much lower than I would have expected. She was extremely helpful the entire time answering any of my questions, and looking for any possible way to support my side of the case.

I never felt like she was settling for less than what she was capable of. She went way beyond what I expected throughout this process. I am very thankful for how much she did for me, and would definitely recommend her to anyone.


No Contact Order

Sarah Cho is an awesome attorney! She is a woman who works from her heart. She cares about each and every one of her clients. I have never worked with an attorney like her. She is very knowledgeable in the cases she works with. She makes sure you are ready for what will and/or could happen during the court hearing. She fights for YOU!!

I would recommend her to anyone.


Best In Class

Sarah truly works for you. Not only is she always prompt, personable, and efficient, but she thoughtfully keeps you involved in the process. Thanks to her, we were able to drive a quick and positive resolution.


Professional, Accountable, and Kind

I received a traffic violation for going 5 miles over the speed limit. Sarah and her team were professional from the beginning of the process, consistently communicating fees, possible outcomes, and timeline for my case. And, they were able to get my ticket completely dismissed. I would highly recommend Sarah and her team.


Excellent Job

I had Sarah Cho, for my accident case. I was involved in an accident with another vehicle. But wasn’t at fault. I received a ticket like it was my fault for the accident. We both had witnesses, but my witness worked for the same company. So, his statement wasn’t taken because we both work for the same company. I asked the officer about it and if he was going back to investigate the accident where the accident occurred. As usual, the officer just wanted to get the report done. I stayed calm, knowing the officer just wanted to fill the accident report and close the case.

I called around and was recommended to Sarah. She handled the case very well. I told my side and I got pictures and video of the accident scene. Sent it to Sarah and she made it her goal to properly investigate the accident. With her team, She had control and made it her goal to have this ticket dismissed. She properly prepared everything for court.

After I was so frantic and in a panic, worried about the ticket. Sarah had me calm and relaxed. Sarah’s team had it all prepared for court. On the day of court she was very confident that I had no problems and it was going to be dismissed. I showed up for court and before I could get inside to the courtroom Sarah called me and gave me the best news I could hear. The ticket was dismissed.

I will never stop thanking Sarah and her team for the proper handling of the accident and investigating it all the way to the end. Thank you for your dedicated service. You and your team did an excellent job. Thank you so much.


Time is a Key Factor

Sarah is an awesome attorney. She was the first attorney that I hired for my DUI case.

My DUI case wasn’t the greatest one. I was in hot water, and things were looking worst. I was charged with a DUI in mid-March 2016. I drove under the influence and crashed my car into a stone wall one block from my house. My car was totaled. In addition, I told the officer who arrested me that I was drinking and driving. (That wasn’t very smart of me.) The officer took me down to the Burien courthouse where I blew double the legal blood alcohol level – roughly 1.6. After an hour or so, in the jail cell, the officer took me home.

As a result, my license was suspended for 90 days, I had no car, a BAL or 1.6.

When I met Sarah, and told her about the situation, I ask her, is she able to help me and reduce the charges? She told me, she will do her best, but every case is different, based on the evidence and info given. Yes, that is true, and understandable.

After hiring Sarah, I went to many hearing “pretrial”, I believe I went to 3 – 5 hearing. With Sarah’s help, the State prosecutor reduced the plea and took out the blood alcohol level as evidence. Moreover, lucky for me the officer who arrested me had an internal investigation, which helped prolong the hearings. Yes, prolonging the DUI case is a smart strategy, because I had a judge that was a bit impatient, so Sarah and I couldn’t waive any more hearings, so we decided to make a gamble and set the case to trial.

Side note: We waived the hearing so that we can get evidence on the arrested officer’s internal investigation, hoping that it would help the case.

Because we took the gamble to take it to trial, in the end we had a great plea offer. The final plea was that … the State reduced my DUI charges to reckless driving, which will be on my records for 3 years compared to 7. In addition, I had one community service (Work Crew – which was fun, they had me planting trees and cutting down trees) DUI fee was reduced to zero, and only had to pay court fees roughly $600, one day of AA, plus stay out of trouble. It was the greatest plea deal.

If you have more questions, and want to hear more about my case and the experience, contact me via email @ hkytrac@yahoo.com

****Sarah will do her best to help you, but you have to be on your game, listen to her, be organized, ask questions, make sure you have a great support group.

DUI case may take months or years to get the right plea deal, therefore time is a key factor.

Thank you SARAH & her team.


Fantastic Representation

Sarah was a great attorney! Was a great listener and made sure she understood all angles of my case to identify the best opportunity for me. My goal was not to appear in court and she ensured that happened and appeared on my behalf making the situation so much less stressful than it already was! Received the best possible outcome and resolution! Well worth the money! Thanks!


Traffic Legal Defense

I’ve had a couple of potential traffic infractions that Sarah successfully got dismissed. She handled my dealings in a friendly no-nonsense fashion over the internet.


Knowledgeable and Informative!

I consulted Sarah recently regarding a legal matter. The situation resolved itself and I didn’t end up needing a lawyer, however, I would have hired her in a heartbeat if I did. Both Sarah and her Paralegal Megan were quick to respond, compassionate, and informative. If I ever need an attorney again, I am going back to Cho Law!


Best Traffic Attorney!

Hired Sarah Cho for my traffic infraction (speeding). She was very professional during the whole case. I was kept informed of the process and never felt I did not know what was happening for my ticket. She ultimately made sure my case didn’t lead to any points for my record, which was what I wanted. Highly recommended!


More Than I Could Ever Ask For

Sarah is very knowledgeable about DUI law and she knows what to expect. She was helpful in every step of the way, answered all of my questions and concerns, and made sure I felt comfortable and at ease in a not so ideal situation.

Sarah makes sure you stay ahead of the curve (i.e. having you complete evaluations, ADIS/DUI panel, etc.) so that you are prepared and look good in front of the judge and court. In the end, she was able to negotiate with the prosecutor to get my sentence reduced, and I would highly recommend her!


Charges Dropped in One of the Toughest Municipalities in the State

Sarah represented me on a criminal case in Washington so skillfully that her actions, despite the municipality’s notorious aggressiveness, resulted in the prosecution withdrawing and dismissing charges… in the middle of trial!

I was very pessimistic initially due to being informed by multiple people that this particular prosecutor’s office is infamously unyielding, and that there was absolutely no chance that charges would be dropped once filed. Sarah was highly adept at handling the maneuverings of the prosecutor’s office, and provided me with frank and honest counsel at every step of the process.

She won my case by successfully arguing to suppress the majority of the police report, and by so thoroughly making trial motions and cross-examining the prosecution’s witnesses that the city didn’t even wait to hear our side of the story at trial: they simply withdrew the charges. I would emphatically recommend Sarah to anyone facing criminal charges in the area.


Auto Accident / UIM

Sarah was a great attorney, provided excellent care during process of appeal and working with insurance company. Provided me with options and communicated in a timely manner when I had questions and concerns.


Think the Deck is Stacked Against You? I Did, Until I called Sarah Cho!!!

Flashing Lights in the rearview mirror – call Sarah Cho!!!
Don’t want to pay the fine – call Sarah D Cho!!!
Don’t want to do the time – call Sarah D Cho!!!
I Fought The Law, and The Law ALWAYS won!
Then I was urged to call Sarah Cho, and she fought The Law for me………
AND WE WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you Sarah!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I Would Highly Recommend Ms. Cho

Ms. Cho recently represented me on a personal injury case. I can say without hesitation that she is an extremely capable attorney and negotiator. She was extremely reliable and detail oriented. In an area that seemed overly complicated, she clearly explained the details of the case to me. Ms. Cho always kept me informed throughout the process. She negotiated the case extremely well and the results exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend Ms. Cho to future prospective clients.


Very Good Service Provided

I had a DUI and I hired Sarah Cho as my attorney and she was very accommodating to my situation. She was very professional and I would recommend her services to anyone. In the future, I would definitely use her again. Thank you very much.


DUI Dismissed! She’s Great!

I recommend Sarah 100%. She got me off on my DUI and took the time to explain what my options were. She helped me through one of the lowest points in my life and I can’t thank her enough. Sarah also updated me with case often and returned my calls promptly … which was very different than another attorney I had used in the past.

Do not hesitate to call her!


DUI Case, Speeding Tickets, Traffic Tickets … She’s Primo!

I was searching for a lawyer because this was my first DUI. Miss Cho was very detailed about the process I needed to go through for me to fight this case. I did everything accordingly and she kept me on my toes. She checked with me several days or a week before I had my court dates. I definitely would refer her to any of my friends, family, and clients. I am not just saying this, she really wants to help people.

She’s the only lawyer I know if I ever get into anything negative in my life. She took a lot of weight of my shoulders, and I’m definitely flying right now about life.