4 Tips to Reduce Your Chance of Being Pulled Over

It’s stressful to see a police car drive up behind you. Being stopped, whether it’s by Washington State Patrol or a local cop, can lead to embarrassing and expensive charges being filed against you. Let’s look at five tips you can use to reduce your chance of being pulled over by the police. It may help to understand what the police are looking for as they cruise the roadways.

1. Make Sure Your Headlights Are On

Driving without headlights is probably a sure-fire way to attract the attention of a police officer. It could be a sign that you forgot to turn them on because you are impaired. Since headlights allow other cars to see you, a lack of them creates a real traffic hazard.

2. Make Sure Your Tabs Are Updated

Police officers are trained to watch for things like expired license plates and registrations. You may receive a ticket for a civil infraction. Even worse, a stop for a simple traffic infraction can lead to a criminal investigation.

3. Watch Your Speed

Going too fast for conditions or failing to obey a posted speed limit is a surefire way of being pulled over. Driving too fast is fairly noticeable and may lead a traffic cop to stop you for reckless driving. In addition to violating state laws, a speeding driver may endanger other people using the road.

However, driving too slow can also increase your chance of being pulled over. Impaired drivers may not realize how fast or slow they are driving. Traveling below the speed limit may be a serious red flag to nearby police officers.

4. Do Not Use Your Cell Phone Without a Cell Phone Holder.

Distracted driving killed 154 Washington drivers in 2016. What is not included in that statistic? The number of people injured and the property damage caused by actions like holding a personal electronic device while operating a vehicle. Even worse, using a hand-held electronic device is against the law in Washington in most situations.

Reducing Your Chance of Being Pulled Over Is Possible

If the police stop you, know that you have rights. Whether you did anything wrong or not, you are entitled to representation by a criminal defense attorney.

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