Top 5 Tips When Hiring a DUI Lawyer

About 40,000 lawyers and legal professionals are licensed to practice law in Washington state. Many attorneys work in the Seattle area handling adoptions, tax cases, estate planning, and criminal defense. Finding an attorney who has the experience you need is important. If you have been charged with driving under the influence (DUI), though, how will you know which attorney to choose?

Look for Training

Of course, every attorney has a law degree and a license to practice. However, some attorneys participate in additional training to increase their skills. Better skills may translate into better representation.

For example, Attorney Sarah Cho has trained to perform standardized field sobriety tests. This additional training enhances her ability to evaluate field tests administered by police officers.

Experience Helps

An estate planning attorney with a stellar 30-year career may not be the best choice when you are facing a DUI charge. You need someone who has handled DUI cases for other clients. An experienced DUI lawyer has developed relationships with local prosecutors that could lead to a better resolution for you.

A Good Track Record Matters

How an attorney’s past clients feel about the representation they received may make a difference in your choice. A DUI lawyer with no testimonials may not be doing a good job representing his or her clients.

It’s also important to see that your attorney is respected and endorsed by other attorneys. After all, they know how to judge their colleagues’ professional behavior. In fact, some attorneys have received awards from other professionals. Receiving these honors shows a lawyer’s deep dedication to providing quality legal services.


Other professionals may be involved in prosecuting or defending your DUI charge:

  • Law enforcement,
  • Prosecuting attorneys, and
  • Experts

When your attorney works well with law enforcement and prosecutors, it may be easier to negotiate a great resolution. It’s also important to know the intricacies of each court, the judges in that court, and the standards used in those courts.

Hiring a DUI Lawyer Makes Sense

Just as doctors specialize in certain types of medicine, attorneys specialize in certain types of laws. You wouldn’t hire a dermatologist to do your heart surgery.

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